International Food, Cultural And Language Festival

UniMAP 2013 International Food, Cultural and Language Festival is organized  by the Centre for International Affairs (CIA), in collaboration with the Centre for International Languages (CIL). Held for the 4th year running, the 2013 festival is a result of tremendous support and success seen in the previous festivals. The festival exhibits and shares the variety of culture and delicacies from all over the globe, as represented by international students and staff at UniMAP. It is made possible with close collaboration between UniMAP students and staff, both local and international; and strengthens ties within the UniMAP community at large.  With the strong belief that the international community presence will benefit everyone, the event is also open to the public, in the hope that it is through an understanding of each other’s culture that mutual love and respect will be nurtured. The festival also promotes the international languages offered as courses of study at UniMAP.



“UniMAP 2013 International Food, Cultural and Language Festival” is held with the objectives to:

  • introduce and exhibit the cultures and traditions of all countries represented at UniMAP,
  • create an opportunity for all members of the UniMAP community to learn about the culture and delicacies from the various countries,
  • strengthen ties and relationships within the UniMAP community, particularly between international students and staff, and the local community.
  • promote international languages offered at UniMAP.
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