Name  Position  Qualification  Research Interest
1. Harshita Aini Haroon (PhD) Professor Phd (Leeds),

MA Linguistics And Information Processing (Leeds),

B.Ed (Hons) TESOL (Southampton)

Learning/Teaching English As A Second Language,
Content Language Learning,
Higher Education, Corpus
2. Ku Mohd Nabil Ku Ismail (PhD) Senior Lecturer Japanese Language, Sociolinguistics
3. Ina Suryani Ab. Rahim (PhD) Senior Lecturer PhD (UUM)

M.Sc Computing (Bridging) –(De Monfort )

B.Ed (Hons) TESL minor in Linguistic & Literature (UKM)

Teaching English As A Second Language,
Computer Learning,
Discourse Analysis
4. Dr Dipima Buragohain (PhD) Senior Lecturer PhD Language Documentation, Language Typology, Sociolinguistics, English Language Teaching, EFL/ESL Studies
Noriha Basir (PhD) Senior Lecturer PhD (USM)

MA Malay Langage (UKM)

Bac. Of Art (Language and Malay Linguistic) UPM

Malay Language and Linguistic,
Phonetics and Phonology,
Morphology & Discourse Analysis
5.  Noor Asliza Abdul Rahim (PhD)  Senior Lecturer PhD ( Malay Language) UPM

MA Malay Langage (USM)

Bac. Of Art (Language and Malay Linguistic) UPM


Teaching Malay Language,

6. Rozilawati Mahadi Pensyarah M.A Applied Linguistics, B. AESL (Hons) English Language Study & English Literature SLA,
Learning Teaching English,
Metacognition / SRL,
7. Sharmini Abdullah Senior Lecturer Master Linguistic  Translation,
Need Analysis,
English For Specific Purposes,